LIS challenge is on!

LIS challenge wot

Meet the Sly CS-52 LIS challenge!

The first Polish Tier VIII premium medium tank. He is roll-in to the game with the Polish mediums line.
     Couple of words about characteristics:
     Great mobility. 50 km/h and 19.7 h.p./t. Which allows us dynamic play style. My favorite style btw 🙂
     Gun. 320 damage – 208 penetration AP shels, and 252 with APCR. My personal opinion that its a crime against players – give HEAT shels to meds. So i love when APCR is applied, specially on the prem meds.
     Armor. Well, lets be honest, medium tanks in this game don’t have a great armor. 190mm – turret, and 80 – hull.

As you already understood from the title of the article, this is gonna be a challenge! Typical challenge of WG team – 10 stages, with two types of finishing each one. Mastery type and “grind” type. The LIS challenge tasks become more difficult with each level.


Here you can see a reward that you can take for passing stages:


And after you complete all 10 stages you will receive your brand new Sly CS-52 LIS!



If you want us to get you this tank, you can order this option in the Live chat,  you know where it is 😉
Made this one as compact as possible and with the most important information.

     With love, boostality team <3

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