Italian Heavy Tanks

Italian heavy tanks

Italian Heavy Tanks Are Coming!

Hello tankers! With Update 1.11.1 heavy Italian tanks will roll-in to the game! Lets take a close look at them, and share our thoughts.
We are already tested them on the test server. And you know what, we think that they might be good.

The first heavy will start from the tier 7, after P.43 Bis, and his name is JOHN CE…oops))
The name of the first tank is Carro d’assalto P.88.
Italian heavy
It’s a very interesting, long tank, with long top gun. About the gun – 202 pen with regular shells is very nice for tier 7, don’t you think? About 8 sec reload, with 240 damage. Yep, this is nice. Also, this heavy don’t have autoloader.
Italian heavys
Armor is not the best, he can bounce the same level or lower enemies with his turret, but not more.
Pretty decent mobility, but it’s a heavy, heavy’s don’t have to be fast, unless they are AMX 50B 😃 
35 km\h, but getting his speed very fast.

Next one is Progetto CC55 mod. 54.
I think that this is the tanks I want to play, and don’t sell after research tier 9. Great mobility, 45 km\h is what I need from heavy.
Have a good turret and small command tower. 
The best thing about this tanks in his shells. No HEAT, only fast and danger APCR.
And of course, the new feature of Italian tanks – autoloading system with a bonus to the speed of loading the next shell.
I really don’t think that this game mechanic is good, but, it look’s like those tanks have a personality, it might work. 
But those 3,5 sec between shells, aghhh…
Moving forward. Tier 9 – Progetto C50 mod. 66.
This tanks is not that good as his level colleagues. Slow gameplay. Yes 400 damage is good, but HEAT, and HEAT with 303 pen.
It’s more like support tank, and not close fights like. But from a visual point of view, it is very beautiful tank. Personally for me, I think I will reach tier 10, and sell this tanks, but who knows, maybe I will love this tank, and give him a second chance.
And here we are! Tier 10 – Rinoceronte.
Very fast heavy tank, I like it. The gun is massive – 490 damage, and the best regular shells pen within the tier 10 heavy’s – 268!
Good angles and traverse speed. But, there’s always but…reload between shells is 4! sec. This is very long. Imagine, you see the enemy, shoot him, AND, enemy have 4! seconds to hide! You can’t just shoot all 3 shells in the enemy, unless he is close to you, and can’t runaway.
Italian heavy
Also we find a weak spot on the turret. If you look at the picture above, you can see the Pyramid of Cheops at the top of the turret.
But you can hide it by just move your gun up, the same way you hide your commander tower on T110E5.
It’s fair to say that regular shells is BETTER than gold’s. 268 pen and 1452 m\s is what I need from the tier 10 heavy regular shells. This is that case when you shoot gold shells ONLY armored tanks. Interesting HE shells – 127 pen. Imagine you have 3 HE shells against FV 4005 🙂

And summing up I will say that even after 10! years Wargaming team still finding new features for the game, and for the players. 
This is very encouraging and inspiring.

With love, boostality team <3
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