Improved Field Modification

Improved Field Modification WoT

Hey Commanders! 

Improved Field Modification – new mechanics in World of Tanks, that allows you to change characteristic of your tank with Update 1.14. Let’s look closer to this feature.

August 2021 will be full of new innovations in our game. One of it – Improved Field Modification.
This mechanic will help you, my friends, change characteristics of you favorite tank and customize it to suit your play style.

Improved Field Modification will be available for all VI-X tiers with Elite status, except rentals and vehicles from various special game modes.

There will be 3 types of modifications – Standard, Dual and Special.

Standart – uses XP and Free XP for to improve one of characteristic of your tank.

Dual – uses credits to improve one characteristic and reduce another.

Special – there will be 3 special modification. The first 2 are available for Tier VI and VII vehicles,
and all 3 – for Tier VIII–X vehicles. 
The first special modification gives access to the required equipment – an alternative set of shells and consumables.
The second will help form additional equipment – an alternative set of equipment and directives.
The third special modification allows you to assign a category to the second equipment slot.

Improved Field Modification

All Tier VI – X vehicles, for which Field Modification will be available, will have a special
parameter – a role. There will be 15 roles in total, for example a heavy assault tank, a heavy breakthrough tank or a universal medium tank etc. A modification tree is created for each vehicle, taking into role in battle, so adjustments to the performance characteristics of vehicles belonging to different roles may differ, even if the vehicles themselves belong to the same vehicle type.

It looks scary for the first look. But when you get your hands on it you will understand that this mechanic is good thing that can give you a little bit of that piece of accuracy, speed, aiming time or HP that you always wanted after little mistake in the battlefield. Yep, not for free, but the price is worth it!

With love boostality team <3

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