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Increasing wn8 statistics
I started playing World of Tanks purely for fun. I just took the tank and rushed into the thick of the battle and somehow played 1000 battles with varying success. Like most newcomers, I started to grind Soviet tanks and, naturally, due to a misunderstanding of the game mechanics, I often died among the first players. Gradually I was drawn into the game, and by the time the number of fights exceeded three thousand, I began to pay attention to the numbers in the accounts of other players. Their statistics, win rate, damage etc.

After looking at my stats, I came to the conclusion that something needs to be changed, since the percentage of victories was 48. I thought about how I could raise my statistics in the World of Tanks game by playing solo in random. For myself, I developed one recipe that helped increase the win rate to 50% or more. It really works and has been tested in personal practice.

This is my recipe for a successful stats
The whole point of your being on the battlefield is to live as long as possible and during this time to do as many useful things as possible: deal a lot of damage, reset the capture of the base, light up half of the enemy’s tanks, etc. You should not die fast, even if you are at the bottom of the list. Just wait until the situation with the placement of tanks on the map becomes clear – and you will see how much you can do just by showing patience. If you are in the top, then try to save as much of your HP as possible by the end of the battle, since in this case everything depends on you. It also happens that all your allies died, and you are left alone. Don’t rush to repeat their mistakes. Continue to do your job and you will see that in the most hopeless battle you can not only fight off your HP, but also make it draw, or even drag your team to win!

Platoon play
For many hours spent playing the game, you probably have friends in the clan or those with whom you met at random, who are ready to share with you the bitterness of defeat and the joy of victory. Get in platoon and leave the hangar with experienced players. Remember that victory will mainly depend on your well-coordinated actions. If there is no one in the contact list who could help you, then we go to random and look for skilled players.

Sandbox game
Jump to low tier tanks and use your skill to the fullest. Before I returned to the sand, I discovered that only one battle had been played on the first level tanks.
I corrected this misunderstanding by winning several dozen victories. But keep in mind that in battle you will surely meet the same lowskill lovers like you.

The ingredients for success
– Skill. There is nothing more important than personal experience of playing World of Tanks, so this point comes first.
– Top modules. Play only with full upgraded tanks. Stock is unacceptable to me for two reasons. Firstly, only top-end equipment allows you to realize the full potential of a combat vehicle. Secondly, a tank that is not capable of providing effective fire support and crawling like a turtle brings little pleasure. Do not play stock tanks. Better to bring the tanks to the top with Free XP.
– Crew. The full 100% crew with 3+ skills will help you with camouflage, accuracy in movement, and even save your ammo from rack. I train/retrain the crew for gold.
– Consumables. Without a repair kit, a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher, I do not leave the hangar. I put an automatic fire extinguisher on vehicles from level 6 and above. Large Repair Kit and a Large First Aid Kit depending on the tank.
– Premium shells. Be sure to take some gold shells with you. The principle is simple: the more you hit, the more you add value to your team. And how can you damage if ordinary shells do not penetrate the armor of a tank higher in level? Yep.

How to increase your win rate
It’s simple – play one short session a day! This is the simplest, but at the same time, the most difficult method, which, I think, everyone knows about, but few people apply it in practice. Yes, I also sometimes cannot resist not to violate it. No matter how many fights you have played – 3, 8 10 – it is important that the number of wins be more than the number of losses. As soon as this goal is achieved – that’s it, forget about World of Tanks and exit the game.
As a result, the percentage of victories will grow day by day.

Tanks for raising statistics
Many people will say that it is best to play on “imba” tanks, which give you an advantage due to the fact that they have outstanding characteristics. But at different times, these were different tanks, until the developers nerfed them.
I can definitely say that you need to raise stats on those tanks that you like to play. Maybe this tank not be imba, and everyone says that it does not cool, the main thing is that you like it!

Take this knowledge, learn fast, and share it!

With love, boostality team <3

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