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Lamp Crew Skill Perk

Skills and Perks in World Of Tanks

In World of Tanks Skills and Perks play a big role. Without them, the game would be strange and incomplete. In this guide I will try to explain in simple words why it is important to have an “experienced” crew, which skills to choose first, and when you may need a 50% crew. Let’s imagine that we have not heard about Crew 2.0 😉
Sixth sense, Repair and Brother in Arms – these are the three main skills that you should have on your tank! I’ve heard that some people don’t learn Repair on commander, this is wrong, Repair must be for all crew members. Explanation: if you read the description of skills like Repair, Camouflage and Firefighting, you will se that the effective Repairs/Camouflage/Firefighting Skill Training Level is averaged across the entire crew. If only one Crew member in a crew of 4 members has this Skill at 80% Training Level then the effectiveness upon the vehicle’s performance is (80+0+0+0)/4 or 20%. So if you will have 4 Crew members, all they have Repairs/Camouflage/Firefighting, but Commander doesn’t, it will be (0+100+100+100)/4 = 75%. That means your Repair will be longer, and this is unacceptable for efficiency and your performance in battle. In simple words it is not effective to leave one of the crew member without those skills.
Below I will show which sets, in our opinion, will be the most effective for each type of tank.
Light tank
Lamp Crew Skill Perk
Medium tank
Lamp Crew Skill Perk
Heavy tank
Lamp Crew Skill Perk
Tank destroyer
Lamp Crew Skill Perk
SPGs / Artillery
Lamp Crew Skill Perk
As you can see all of the types have Repair and Brother in arms skills. And almost all of them have the same sets. These skill sets are designed for both aggressive and ambush play styles.
I recommend to learn Brother in arms skill for arty as a first skill because this is the only effective skill for this type of tank, next is Snap Shot.
Back in the days when esports thrived in the game, pro players used one very simple trick. In order to confuse the enemy when capturing his tank, the players on light tanks that captured put 50% of the crew on him, but with all the perks, so that the Sixth Sense skill would work for the enemy as late as possible. Thus, it was not clear where the light tank was on the captured base, and it was impossible to hit it with blind shots. But it is also impossible to light him up because it is covered by allies. Thus, the enemy had only two ways, either you accept defeat and give to capture the base, or lose tanks in an attempt to spot a tank that captures the base.
use this sets and you will be more effective than your teammates. But remember, even if you have 7+ skills on your Crew, this is not give you 100% that you will win every battle. Only YOUR skill is matter, only YOUR skill can bring you to the victory!
With love boostality team <3
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