Dawn of Industry

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Dawn of Industry

Commanders! The NEW start date of event on Global Map is February 13!
A Big fight on the Global map! Gather your fighters up and get ready to fight the fields! Dawn of Industry event with NEW mechanics and great rewards is ready for you. It is time to find out who is stronger than granite, so be engaged in the race for glory and trophies!

Wargaming brings a new two mechanics:
Workshop. It will help you get the antique Tier VII-VIII Premium tanks exclusively available during previous events on the Global map.

Experimental modules. Boost the performance of your vehicles thanks to special consumables enhancing their characteristics during one battle.

The task will not be an easy one, but trophies are worth to fight for! In addition to collectors’ gems of the past, for the first time at stake is the unique (really!) 3D-style “Graphite” for the Object 907. Moreover, of course, you can get your hands on all Tier X tanks from previous
events, as well as tons of credits, bonds, and other cool stuff. Gird yourself for battle, the heat’s coming!

Vehicles that can be assembled in the Workshop:
VIII – KV-4 Kreslavskiy
VIII – IS-5 (Object 730)
VIII – Chieftain/T95
VII – T23E3
The top 4,000 players will get the new Graphite 3D style for the Object 907

Rewards available in exchange for Personal Fame points
Tier X vehicles:
T95/FV4201 Chieftain
Object 907
VK 72.01 (K)

– Conqueror
– Vanquisher
– Veteran
– Clan Digital
– Shattered Stone
– Nightfall
– Damascus Steel

Up to 5 female crew members
Up to 3,000 bonds, 3,350,000 credits, and 14 days of WoT Premium Account
Personal Reserves

Good luck on the battle fields!

With love, boostality team <3