Battle Pass Season 4

Battle Pass 4, WoT, WN8, Boost

Battle Pass Season 4 Starting this Spring

Hello Commanders!
Battle Pass goes live on March 15, and will last until June 15. So we have 3 months to get all goodies, and there are a lot of them.
This Battle Pass season will have a slightly different system:
– Three Chapters, 50 Stages Each.
– Each completed chapter will give you unique crew member, and 3D style for one of following tanks – T110E3, Obj.705A, 121.
– For completing certain stages of the Battle Pass, you will receive special in-game currency – Tokens.
– Improved Pass, which will unlock improved rewards, including – for already completed stages.
We all know how to earn battle points, limits for each tanks, and all we have to do is play good. But in this season we also can earn points in Steel Hunter! I think that this is good, because now we can earn points even faster! 
The best part of this Battle Pass – Tokens. 
You can earn total 18 tokens – 9 tokens for  completing all Three Chapters, and 9 tokens among the Improved Rewards.
From March 15 till December 19 will be open In-game Store “Items for Tokens”. In this Store you can buy two unique tanks, that I’ve told you before on Facebook – Kunze Panzer (Tier IX, German medium tank), and K-91-PT (Tier IX, Soviet tank destroyer).
Also available: Obj. 777 II, Char Futur 4 and AE Phase I.
I am a little confused about dates. The Battle Pass will run from March 15th to June 15th. The token store will be open until December 19. There will be a full 6 months between the end of season 4 and the closing of the store. What will happen between those dates? Global Map? Frontline? New Event? 
Anyway, I recommend to buy Improved Battle Pass, he is definitely worth it, considering that the total cost of rewards in each chapter in gold exceeds the cost of the Improved Pass.
If you do not have enough time, but you want to get new unique tanks, we can help you accelerate your progress. Just use Live Chat or any convenient ways.

With love, boostality team <3
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