1.7.1 Update double-barreled guns

Meet the Double-Barreled Heavies! 

     Researching the new sub-branch of double-barreled Soviet heavy tanks starts with the KV-3 at Tier VII. You’ll be able to move along the heavy branch or research these new double-barreled predators. In Update 1.7.1, the following three new vehicles will storm the battlefield:
 – The IS-2-II (Tier VIII)
 – The IS-3-II (Tier IX)
 – The ST-II (Tier X)

     With this tanks you will have access to all three shooting modes – cyclic, sequential, and double-shots. Given this is a transitional stage to a new branch, with this  opportunity you can practice using the cyclic mode to get used to some of the nuances of having two guns on your vehicle.

     Simultaneous shots from two guns (double shot)

     You need to hold the left mouse button to prepare the shot (this takes a few seconds). The reloading progress timer is displayed inside the scope area. When the preparation is complete, a double shot automatically occurs. If you release the left mouse button before the preparation ends, the process will reset.

     This mechanic doesn’t allow a player to load both barrels, select a target, and fire at will. Firing both barrels has some serious drawbacks — as illustrated in the following point. 

     After a double shot, both guns are blocked for several seconds, during which they won’t be able to fire or reload. Once the guns become available, they are loaded in turn. After loading both guns, a double shot can be made again. There is no restriction on the number of double shots you can make.

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